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Garage Door Maintenance

Garage Door Maintenance
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Garage doors are the largest moving parts of any house. When something is used so much, it is bound to get worn out. If no action is taken the consequences might become severe, which is why it is often advised by the experts to have regular checks on its condition. The timing window usually depends upon how long the door has been in service. However, if the previous maintenance has been done carefully, it will be working as if it was completely new.

Lubricating the Openers

Garage Door Maintenance in FloridaThere are 3 types of openers that can be present in a garage door: chain-drive, belt-drive and screw-drive. All of them will eventually become noisy, so it is advised to take care of this problem before it is too large. Chain-drive and screw-drive openers are more susceptible to the rise of noise levels than belt-drive. This means that lubricating them should generally be done more often. Modern openers have got the feature of shutting down for safety reasons. It could happen because of dirt building up on the tracks. This can be prevented by regular lubrications.

Other parts are as important

Lubrication is not only necessary for the tracks. Garage door springs need to be slightly ‘wet’ all the time, otherwise they too could get jammed even causing them to break. Also, the hinges and bearings need to be applied some lube in order to prevent the parts being filed off from them. If all of this is regularly done, there will be much less risk for your garage doors.

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